Oval Mats Grey

DB200-1Faux Fur Oval Mat
49x36cm - Grey
RRP $21.00  
DB200-2Faux Fur Oval Mat
61.5x45cm - Grey
-RRP $27.00  
DB200-3Faux Fur Oval Mat
70x52cm - Grey
RRP $37.00  
DB200-4Faux Fur Oval Mat
82x59.5cm - Grey
-RRP $48.00  
DB200-5Faux Fur Oval Mat
93.5x68cm - Grey
RRP $55.00  
DB200-6Faux Fur Oval Mat
111x80.5cm - Grey
RRP $67.00  

Plush Paw Print Foam Mat

The K9 Homes Pet Products Plush Mats are covered in a plush Paw Print material with a side panel that is hard wearing, water resistant oxford material, the base a non skid polyester. The outer shell cover is removable for washing and is quick drying, with a removable convoluted foam insert for easy separate cleaning.

DB123-smlPlush Paw Print Mat
Small 48x72cm
-RRP $36.68  
DB123-medPlush Paw Print Mat
Medium 56x92cm
-RRP $51.90  
DB123-lgePlush Paw Print Mat
Large 65x104cm
-RRP $66.32  

Mats - Sherpa/Dacron

Our Sherpa Mats have a removable zipper cover for easy washing and filled with premium grade polyester sheeting. We use a heavy weighted premium grade Sherpa material. These mats also have ties on the four corners for use with Trampoline beds. The mats also make a great travel bed for the back of the car or truck.

dkb gry lte 
MATWDSMLSherpa Dacron Tie Mat
Small 69x63cm
RRP $28.72 - 
MATWDMEDSherpa Dacron Tie Mat
Medium 99x73cm
RRP $40.74 - 
MATWDLGESherpa Dacron Tie Mat
Large 124x86cm
RRP $54.44 - 

Super Pet Mat

K-9 Homes Pet Products "Super Pet Mats" are designed with a zipper for easy washing. The cover is constructed with a waterproof PVC coated hard wearing nylon base material and a polymer monofilament top fabric. The unique advanced polymer fabric with monofilament fibre yarn offers superior tear & chew strength.

DB131-smlIndoor/Outdoor Pet Mat
RRP $36.02  
DB131-medIndoor/Outdoor Pet Mat
RRP $40.18  
DB131-lgeIndoor/Outdoor Pet Mat
RRP $42.62  
DB131-jumIndoor/Outdoor Pet Mat
RRP $45.28  

Mats - Foam

These Mats are made with a heavy duty waterproof oxford fabric over a quality foam mattress. Removable cover for easy cleaning. The Foam Mats are durable and affordable. These mats are great for indoor, outdoors or kennel use.

MATSFMINStandard Foam Mat
Mini 57x74cm
RRP $28.60  
MATSFSMLStandard Foam Mat
Small 72x74cm
RRP $38.88  
MATSFMEDStandard Foam Mat
Medium 57x96cm
-RRP $41.30  
MATSFLGEStandard Foam Mat
Large 67x104cm
-RRP $46.18  
MATSFJUMStandard Foam Mat
Jumbo 76x116cm
-RRP $48.56  

Hessian mats

These Mats are made with a Hessian bag hand sewn over a quality foam mattress. The Hessian Mats are durable and affordable. These mats are great for indoor, outdoors or kennel use.

DB038Hessian Foam Filled Mat
Medium 55x94cm
RRP $26.00  
DB036Hessian Foam Filled Mat
Large 70x102cm
RRP $29.50  
DB037Hessian Foam Filled Mat
Jumbo 80x112cm
RRP $35.00